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The electric skateboard with the kicktail is really convenient for sliding,

and it is easy to cross the roadblock and speed bump.

For example, I usually use it from home to work and then to the gym. It benefits my working and entertainment life, I am feeling cool.

Frank F.

I'm riding one atm, honestly the best $400+ I've spent in as long as I can remember.
(Yeah I know the grip tape didn't come aligned perfectly oh well)

My girl literally is gonna wanna throw this in the trash, because I'm always gone riding it 🤣🤣

Rođerıck A.

At top speeds it's not wobbly at all .

and the wheels looks bigger than on the picture

(which is a very good thing for rough roads). The charging time is surprisingly not long

(about 2 hours)

and I would highly recommend this board especially for the price.

Mengtian W.

Very smooth with long range.

I rode for an hour and it uses only half of the battery.

My friend learned to ride on my longboard very quickly,

good for beginners as well I think, so much fun!

Mario R.

I've waited a few weeks after delivery to write this review, because I wanted to make sure that the board would continue to hold up under use, and I couldn't be happier! This is WAY more powerful and muscular than my other, single-motor board. So far it's been reliable, and it's super fast and powerful. I'm amazed at its ability to go up the fairly steep hills we have here in parts of Tokyo. This is an absolutely first-rate board, and I can confidently recommend it to anyone who's into electric boarding. I use it both recreationally and to help me commute from train stations to the schools I teach at in the hinterlands of the greater Tokyo area.

Douglas R.

super portable!

i gonna take it to anywhere

and ease my commute look,

he's having some rest now

Laurel H.