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Beginner Tips For Choosing An Electric Skateboard

So, you’re looking to buy your first electric skateboard. But you have no idea what makes a good eboard and what could be a complete lemon.

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. And lucky for you, we’re going to share the best beginner tips for buying an electric skateboard.

We’ll run you through how to pick a brand with a trustworthy reputation and good customer service as well as walk you through all the components of an eboard and what you should keep an eye out for in your very first eskateboard.

After reading this article, you’ll be fully equipped with the knowledge to pick the best electric skateboard for you.

There are a ton of electric skateboard manufacturers out there and they don’t all have a great reputation.

We have seen countless crowdfunding campaigns go under causing their backers to lose thousands of dollars.

So, how can you tell if a company is legit?

First at First, have your eyes on their brand reputation

The first thing I check to see is if their Instagram and Facebook pages are popular and if the brand engages with its followers. A brand that responds to its comments, whether good or bad, is the first sign of a company that cares about you as a customer.

I also check the hashtags of the company name and it’s tagged photos. I do this because it is proof that there are already riders out there on the company’s boards. Which gives me confidence that the products exist and you can see if other riders are enjoying the eboards or not.

You can also get onto the eskate groups on Facebook or even the eskate forums to ask the community what they think of the brand. This is a great place to get an honest opinion from the community.

While you’re in the Facebook groups or forums, people will generally talk about their experience with a brands customer service.

Some brands’ customer service is virtually non-existent. But others have exceptional customer service.

Second, pay attention on their customer service

Keep your eye out for the customer support pages and return policies on the brands’ website. If they display them openly and make it easy for customers to get in touch, then they’re likely to have good support. If they hide the contact form or don’t display an email address, I’d steer well clear of them.

As a beginner, you want to be really confident that the company will be able to help you in the unfortunate case that something might go wrong with your eboard.

So, they are the major things to look out for when you’re trying to decide on a brand, but let’s go deeper into the specific components and how to pick a good beginner electric skateboard.

Thirdly, come to the features of the eboard performance

Every eboard has unique features and some boards even have things that support the learning of riding for beginners.

A great feature that can help a newbie learn to ride is an AI system. That’s right, artificial intelligence.

eBoards like the Woboard S are so smart that it learns the rider just as much as the rider learns the board.

The AI starts you off slow and helps you find your feet so that you can learn at a controlled and safe level. And as you become more confident you can progressively increase your power levels.

The deck makes up a big part of the riding feel so it’s important to take this into consideration when choosing your eboard.

Everyone has a different preferred riding style and will require a different size, material and flexible deck.

For beginners and young people, a shortboard can be best because they are easier to control and manoeuvre. Unlike longboards which can feel like boats if you haven’t yet mastered the art of turning.

After you’ve made a decision about the deck, you want to think about the wheels.

Wheel sizes are measured in millimetres (mm) and the hardness is measured by its durometer which is denoted by a number, followed by the letter A. The higher the number, the harder the wheels.

For a beginner electric skateboard, you will want your wheels to be at least 85mm or larger and between 80a and 90a softness.

Another big differentiating feature of an electric skateboard is the type of motors that it has.

The two main options are belt drives and hub drives.

Belt drives typically have more power, but they require a lot more maintenance.

Hub drives are the best of both worlds. They still have really great power but there is a lot less maintenance involved.

Hub motors are by far the best choice for the newbie eskater.

After looking at the components that are best suited for a beginner electric skateboard, you’ll want to consider the performance of the eboard.

The two main specs are the range and speed capabilities.

For fresh feet, riding long distances is going to feel like a struggle at first but you’ll quickly toughen up your souls and legs and want to start going on longer trips. A good range for your first eboard is between 10-15km.

As for the top speed, I doubt you’ll be hooning down the streets straight away, but it won’t take long before you’re comfortable to be cruising at relatively high speeds.

Be sure to get an eboard that has multiple speed modes so that you can limit your max speed and ensure that you can’t accidentally go too fast and lose control.

Once you’ve mastered the beginner mode, step it up a notch where you’ll really start to enjoy the benefits of electric skateboarding.

So, I hope all of this information has helped make choosing your first electric skateboard really simple.

It doesn’t need to be intimidating or scary. Take it slow and build your confidence bit-by-bit. Next thing you know, you’ll be a pro.

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