Refer a Friend

How do referrals work?
Advocate (the one who invites) shares a referral offer with their friend through Talkable. Friend clicks on the share link and gets a coupon with the discount right away. Once a friend makes a purchase, Talkable issues a reward to the advocate for referring the friend.
What enSkate Reward You?
Advocate gets $10 offfor referring a friend to buy
Friend gets $10 off for clicking on the Advocate share link
1.Advocate shares
An advocate shares the referral offer with friend(s) by email or any other sharing channel (SMS, Facebook, etc).
2.Friend Clicks
The friend clicks on the share link within the advocate’s share and gets a discount code to use on their purchase.
3.Friend Buys
The friend visits your website and makes a purchase using their referral discount code.
4.Advocate Rewarded
Once the friend makes a qualifying purchase, Talkable issues a discount code to the advocate for referring a friend to buy.