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enSkate R3 Mini

enSkate R3 Mini

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  • Range: up to 7~10 miles / 12~18 km
  • Max Speed: 22 mph / 35 kph
  • Max Climbing Grade: 25%
  • 180 Days Warranty
  • Recommended for: Short distance city commute, commute in university



 enSkate R3 Mini

Max Speed

 22 mph / 35 kph


 7~10 miles / 12~18 km

Hub Motor Power

 Brushless hub motors 450W*2


 Samsung 10S1P-36V, 2500mah



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Why R3 Mini is Perfect Commute Tool?


Inspired by skateboard and surfboard, the R3 Mini has 25mm wide concave and classic kicktail design. You can do Ollies and airs under limited space and make turning easily.

R3 Mini can be taken to some airplanes thanks to the battery is 2.5Ah and 90Wh. Please kindly confirm with your airplane company.


2* 450w dual motor, the R3 Mini can reach up to 22mph.

3 gears speed for your choice.FOC system makes skating stable and much less noise, and provide you the best control of acceleration and brake at high speed.

IP54 protect the drive system at environments with water. But not recommend to use R3 Mini on water.


It is the most wear-resistant wheels ever! The test showed that the abration of our wheels is nearly 10 times less than normal PU wheels. Softer at 78A, high elastic PU wheel of 90 mm offers smooth and stable ride. You could easily get over the 1-2cm obstacles and pebbles on road. Smooth brake and change direction.

2.5Ah, Samsung 10S1P-36V Battery

Adopted Samsung 10S1P-36V Li-ion battery, you can charge it fully in 2 hours and rides as far as 20km. Meets your short distance commute perfectly. A more fuel-efficient and environment commuting vehicle to the nearby shopping mall, work studio, school. 

EABS Brake System

The EABS brake system is adopted, which can convert part of the kinetic energy into electric energy by pulling the brake while driving. It can provide battery life and prolong life. The brake can be adjusted according to the brake strength of the remote control, which is very safe for novices and will not cause people to fall due to sudden braking.

r3 mini packing list

Packing list

1* R3 Mini Skateboard

1* Charger 

1* Detachable cord

1* User guide

1* Remote controller

1* Micro USB cable

1* Skate tool