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Best Comparison Between Belt and Hub Driven Motor Skateboard

The popularity of both the belt and hub driven motor cannot be denied. Many have said a lot and written about them. I guess even you have an opinion on this. Just let me end the "thing."

To cut a long story short, both of them depend on brushless electric motors. Now here comes the difference. For the belt motors, the motor is placed under the board with belts that connect the wheel to the motor, while the hub the motors are in the wheel. Sincerely, the hub motor is viewed as high tech or improved geared electric board.

Belt motor skateboard.

A belt motor skateboard is designed with a belt and a gear pulley connected to the wheel of the board. This helps create a reduction in the gear on the motor before passing the power onto the wheels. The belt and the gear are actually visible on the side of the wheel. The belt is good in climbing hilly places and poor  all terrain conditions


  • Replace the belts after using for the recommended period. This actually reduces accidents like the belt breaking when riding, which makes the board uncontrollably.
  • Adjust the moving parts after using the board. This will help in maintaining the strength of the board.
  • Use compressed air to remove dust particles on the skateboard parts.
  • Adjust your gear correctly according to the place of your riding. This will help your movement and correct maintaining of the gear pulleys.
  • Mostly use bamboo skateboard since they are strong and give a flexible ride.
  • Carry your skateboard on a truck or carry it by the deck for safe handling to avoid any damage.
  • Oil the moving parts. This helps in reducing the noises produced and also put up with speed as it increases.

Under hub motor on its maintenance and popularity.

The hub motor popularity:

The hub becomes well popular at the end of 2016 since it's easy to maintain and use. Before that, the all-electric skateboard was belt motor, maybe of the low inventions. We thank the ever-growing technology. They have registered a steady acceptance from the skateboard lovers.  They have been everywhere stores, malls, and even online sales. Truly it a sense of swagger to many young adults today.


  • The bearings of the wheels required to be lubricated.They get louder if not oiled.
  • Always clean your skateboard with a dumper cloth after each ride. Make sure that water does enter the electrical places when you are done, wipe it with a dry towel.
  • Adjust the screws and bolts after every ride. This will make it stay strong and tighter, remember after the vibration, the bolts and screws tend to be weaker.
  • Make sure that any dirt particles are removed from all parts. This will enable the bearings to last longer.
  • Ensure that all the rubber has been enhanced all put well or if its erased replace it with a new one  

Why  do hub motor skateboard :

Everyone wants to have the best thing. For the hub, it has two models, that are,the pro and cons. If you ever require to have one, then this is what I offer to you

Under pros:

  • They are mostly water-resistant .this makes it easy for the youth to use them and ride them, thus increasing their popularity.
  • They do not wear easily. Everyone wants something that can last longer for long usage.
  • It can function as a regular skateboard if the battery dies .this will make you have another version of fun taste.
  • They are good looking, almost like a common skateboard. I have that feeling to the rider that still you are enjoying the real skateboard.
  • It does not easily break. Meaning it can stay for long.

Under cons:

  • They have no gear making them typically slower. Some people need a slow skateboard for their safety.
  • They are noisy since they have no gear making them slower.
  • It's less advanced in technology.
  • One cannot change the wheel easily. It has a lot of processes to change.
  • It misses some suspension from the wheel, .making it hard to ride.

 It is always recommended the pro-type .remember always to follow your taste and preferences.

How to choose between the hub motor and belt motor:


Hub  motor

  Belt motor

Technology advantage

After three years

After three years






Fewer gears and bearings on the wheel are making to move less quickly.

Dew to many gears, which provide a nice touch to the wheel, making it move faster and quicker.


Less moving bodies hence less maintenance action.

More moving part hence calls for more maintaining.


Less machinery hence carrying less weight

Calling more machinery such as gears, hence more weight.


Its efficiency is more ahead than the other motor

Its efficiency is less activity due to more working  of the gears


Less noise since fewer moving parts.

A lot of noise since there is a lot of moving parts


Less work was done since it's a gear function

Gears provide much energy due to work done is a lot.



Less of its parts exposed to dust and moisture. Since its parts are enclosed in a wheel.

Many of its parts exposed that is the pulleys and belt. This makes it get accessed to dust and moisture


Best control of them since the motor is connected to the hub.

Gearing and pulley parts result in less efficiency hence low brake control.

Foot  power  that Is; if power is off

Moves like a regular skateboard.

More friction from the belt and pulleys hence hard to ride.


Are hard to change requires a certain process

It can only put the wheels that can support the belt movement.


The drivers in it make it be a tossup.

Its softer since the modification makes it easy to ride.


Woboard s:

It is a dual brushless motor that has the ability to climb a hilly point with the use of less body energy.It is the best option for starters at the skating world since its speed is easy to learn and can enjoy skating before activating to pro mode. It is a reliable, attractive appearance design and able to balance your weight. It will make your daily movement quick and more reliable. Also, it has the best software control system to offer more stability and ease to control its acceleration.

In conclusion, belt and hub motor skateboard are advanced skateboards that allows one to have fun to one specification. Hurry up! Do not be left behind in the making of the history of this. Get yourself any of the two or both of them and live a life of good moments worth recalling if you are a beginner, no worry! There is room for you. Get the Woboard s, and you shall learn and become the best you want to be. Feel free and join the rest of the skating world.

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