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10 Tips for Safety Riding on Electric Skateboard

Come to the question of ' Are electric skateboards dangerous?' There are no specific right answers, but nothing can compare to having the wind brush your face, the adrenaline rush of moving 15km/hr., the scenery, and aesthetics that comes with skateboarding. Not to mention, you can do cool tricks and turns. Skateboarding can be fun, but can also be a bit dangerous. Some of the more common skating injuries are Head injuries, abrasions, and bruises, ankle and knee injuries, and head, wrist, or shoulder injuries. For people who use e-skateboards, hand, and wrist injuries are very common and can happen when skaters lose their balance and fall on an outstretched arm. Head injuries can cause concussions, permanent impairment, or death. It is important to take care of your safety first before getting on that skateboard and here are ten tips to help you do just that.

Here go the 10 TIPs of how to ride the electric skateboard safely:

1. Always wear protective gear.

protective gears for electric skateboarding
Wearing a full-face helmet will save you a trip to the hospital, protect you from head injuries. Wearing knee and elbow pads will not prevent you from wiping out or totally insure you from scratches and abrasions, but they will protect you to an extent, reduce the number of knees, and elbow scrapings you have. Investing in wrist guards and slide gloves will protect you from wrist, hand, or shoulder injuries when you wipe out.

2. Learn how to move at Top speeds.

If speed is your thing, you must learn how to control it. Moving at 20 mph is no small feat. You should know that if you double your speed, you should triple your stopping distance. You can also encounter speed wobbles if you move at such a high pace.
electric skateboard riding speed mode

3. Do not ride in wet weather.

It is more difficult to control your speed when the roads are slippery, you can also find it difficult to hit the brakes, and it is increasingly easy to fly off your skates. Additionally, it could damage your e-board. It might say waterproof, but even this technology is relatively new, the technology for the motor wheel is not mature.

4. Always wear shoes that have a firm grip.

Wearing flip-flops and trying to hop on an electric skateboard is probably not a good idea. You are not going to be able to stay on your skateboard, and you will wipe out faster than you can say "electric skateboard." What you should do is wear shoes with sticky rubber soles that will keep you on the board. Also, wear footwear that will protect your ankles from being sore, so you do not have to keep your ankles iced.

5. Skate in areas that ensure your visibility. 

Some areas have bike lanes that make it easier for people with bikes to move without having to worry about being knocked down. You can use bike paths if they are on your route; if not, it is best to make sure other people can see you; this is more important at night. You can wear glow-in-the-dark clothing that allows people to see you; you can put that on your helmet or your electric skateboard. You can go one step further by lighting up your board by installing lights.

6. Practice, Practice, Practice.

One of the ways to  mitigate injuries  for skateboarding is by improving your skills. You should look into improving your braking skills, carving skills, and high-speed riding skills. You should always practice in a safe location, free of obstacles, and possibly humans. If you use a skateboard that works for all terrains, you can choose a remote place to practice. There is a high possibility that you will wipe out when riding a skateboard, considering you will be carrying extra load, quite different from when you practiced. The best way to deal with wipeouts is to practice how to fall; always fall naturally, not on your elbows or knees.

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7. Carry out regular checks on your electric skateboard. 

You need to keep your skateboard in good health, so you can be in good health — oil your skateboard regularly or according to how the manufacturer says to prevent your bearings from seizing. If your remote has batteries, change them regularly to ensure you are able to brake when needed. Change your trucks when they are old, so you do not have wobbly rides.

8. Stay safe by being cautious.

If you are taking a walk, you might have your headphones on, be miles away daydreaming. You cannot do that on a skateboard. You need to focus at all times and take note of speed limits, especially when you are riding in a people dense area.

9. You might have to deal with radio frequency interference. 

How well can you handle your skateboard when your remote does not work because of interference? If this happens, you might need to step off the skateboard; there is no guarantee that you might not get injured, especially if the skateboard was moving at high speed. Another idea is to stay on the board until you pass through the area that has your remote jammed. Either way, being aware of your surroundings is bound to protect you more.

10. Buy an electric skateboard that works for you.

E-skateboards have different features, designed for different purposes. Some skateboards are for long-distance, and some are for high-speeds. In addition, electric skateboards are for people with different riding levels. As a beginner, longboards are always the best choice because they offer more stability. Electric skateboards with different riding modes allow novices to limit the skateboard speed and improve their riding experience. 

choose the best electric skateboard for yourself enskate

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