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How does a skillful skateboarder think about the electric skateboard?

I am the co-founder of enSkate E-skateboard, Jon, we started to build e-board since 2017, one year after Boosted did. To better understand our consumers and research deeply about the e-skateboard industry, today, we invite one great guy - FEICHAI (means people useless ^_^he calls himself that name) to our office to share us with his some opinions of the battery powered skateboard.
  • When did you start to play skateboard?
FEICHAI: It’s really long time ago, I remember that was back to 2000’s Summer, I am still a 15 boy, my grandpa gave me a skateboard as a birthday gift, wow, that made my summer completely different, I learned to run and ride, fall down, and there are scratches, bruise, even bleeding over the body, but nothing can stop me to play it, I really love it. I enjoy the feeling of finish a difficult trick and the envy face through the road…
professional skateboarder playing board-enSkate
  • How do you think of a electric skateboard compared with the traditional skateboard?
FEICHAI: I am a skateboarding coach since 2015 and I am a skateboarding photographer too. The electric skateboard can help me to take more beautiful pictures and videos since I can stand on the board and hold my cameras more stable, by changing the speed, or turning around, I can make totally different and better works, this is so cool. By the way, I will use the electric board as a normal vehicle, while I want to go to nearby shopping mall, or go to my work studio, it gives me the chance to enjoy the scenery on the road and free my legs, wow, I will love it to the death….
  • Wow now, we know you have a high recommendation on the e-skateboard, do you think it’s dangerous?
FEICHAI: Actually, enSkate Wobaord S is the first e-board I use, while Mr. Jon contacted me and invited me to test and review the board, ‘ is it will be cool?’ that was the thought flow in my mind at the first time, I never think about the question of ‘dangerous’. As we know, there always be some hurt accidents for skateboarding activity, as I said above, these couldn’t stop me to being a skillful skateboarder. What will should do is do all the things we could to protect ourselves, try slow mode firstly, learn on the square without many peoples, wear helmet and knees, gloves, one advice is that don’t be too confident before you ride over hundreds of miles, always be careful especially ride on the crowd road.
  • What would be the first some features you care while choosing a electric skateboard?
FEICHAI: deck, speed, and power. Why deck comes firstly, I could say I live on board, jajajaja(laughing), while I am very young I start to learning and trying some difficult trick on my board, jump is the basic action, a flexible deck could help me to complete that better and easy, so I think highly of a durable and flexible board deck, which may depends on the materials I think. And we are so familar with the ekate board, speed of 12 MPH couldn’t meet with my need, I hope to ride faster board, so do my skateboarder friends think. Wow, power, that’s equal with the climbing ability, and the torque force may be, without power, the board can’t get our inner feeling expressed, I can say that.
  • Wow, I think they are useful advice to help us make adjustment on our products in the future, you know we will have a totally new e-board released soon, let‘s hold the breath and wait for it(laughing…) The next question is that how do you think about enSkate Woboard S?
FEICHAI: Ahh, It’s a totally new thing to me, I was cheer up when the first riding, and now, I use it to commute around the area near my office, it has became the best assistance for my photography business, I am very grateful to be the review of Woboard S, I have recommend it to most of my friends who are the professional snow ski hobbyist, surfers, as they said, e-boards of the disruptive, revolutionary advances will be soon popular. While come to Woboard S, the design is really catch my eyes, it’s stable and easy to learn, the display screen makes the board looks more futuristic, full of technological sense, reach up to 13 miles with full charge (I am 135kg) this is very good, if something need to be improved, I think it is the speed, now it is max 21 MPH, I hope to get a 30 MPH speed. While, I can do tricks on the board, that will best. As a price of 500+dollars e-board, I think it’s quite a good choice.
  • Do you have any advice for us to introduce our brand to more skateboarders and expand the market?
FEICHAI: It would be a complex question, I am not good at marketing but I would like to share some experiences when I am the skate board ambassadors. We have a small team of 4 members, we took our boards and cameras went to more than 10 cities started from Guangzhou and north to Dalian city, we skated on the plazas and teach people skating too, especially we will visit the local skateboard store, to introduce our story and build the communication with one community to another, while we finish the travel 3 months later, we have totally increased 10K skateboarding lovers in our media, and now, we start to teach kids or skate lovers to play board too. We love it, and we share our passions with the similar people, NOW, we are together to change something and build something, there is no word could express that feeling, skateboarding change my life completely.
Thanks so much for FEICHAI’s coming and sharing. So build e-board with passion, provide what really could cheer up the users, and back to the fundamental requirements of electric skateboard, that are riding experiences( conducted by the deck, acceleration, brake experiences), range(battery capacity), speed(motors, esc, battery could all affect this performance), enSkate would do more research and design to improve our products, and we would like to be the ambassador of e-skateboarding too, encourage more people to join us, to use this more environment, economical and convenient vehicle in our daily life.
 professional skateboarder daniel fei visit enskate office Danny Fei
China's first generation professional skater, skateboarding coach
  Skateboard Experience: 20 years
  Skateboard Shooting Experience: 16 years
  Good at realism shooting

2005-2015 Chief photographer in China's first skateboard magazine, Whatsup
He started skateboarding at the age of 15. He loved skateboard so much and would like to do something for it. When he found there were few professional cameramen recording the scenes for skateboard, he started his first skateboard shooting at 2002.

He has collaborated with brands like Vans、Nike、DC、HERSCHEL for many times since his started skateboarding.
Photographic equipments:
Canon AE-1
umix GH2
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