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How to Choose the Best Electric Skateboard

Skating is a great way to get from point A to point B while taking in the scenery, not to mention it just gets the blood pumping. Did you know you could still get maximum speed without the stress of huffing and puffing? An electric skateboard allows you to feel the wind across your face with less effort. There are numerous electric skateboards in the market today, and they are not cheap, so having a good grasp of what to look out for when choosing an electric skateboard will save a lot. Here are some things to consider when choosing the best electric skateboard for you:


1.Are you a beginner or a pro?

This might not seem like an important question, but it is necessary to consider this when choosing a skateboard. If you are just starting out, you might want to go for an electric skateboard at a lower speed, just so you can adequately control your movement. Beginners will be better off with single-motor boards, while pros who are all about that adrenaline can get double-motor boards. Performance is one of the important features for electric skateboards, but for people just learning the ropes, convenience is a great feature to look out for. Skaters need stability and focus on being able to balance on the decks of skateboard; as such, beginners should go for longboards, so they do not worry about slipping off the deck.  Wider boards need wider trucks to bring stability to the deck, and firm bushings help keep the skateboard more stable. Pros can go with concave boards with soft bushings because they are great for turns and tricks, easily responsive but not as stable as firm bushings

2.What distance do you need to cover?

Eclectic skateboards run on batteries, and once the battery is out, you cannot experience the electric function. The distance is not the only thing that takes up your skateboard power; the terrain, wind, and even your weight can play a huge role. When choosing skateboards, capacity, and technology should be considered. Samsung and LG are the leading organizations in the game in terms of battery technology; you cannot go wrong with these two.  You should always find out how many kilometers your skateboard can travel before its battery runs out. If you are going a long way, like 19KM, for instance, you need a motor with at least 300Watts. In addition, choosing an electric skateboard with quick charging makes it easier for you to be on the go frequently.

3.Get an electric skateboard with a warranty.

This helps you work out situations without having to take apart the skateboard yourself. You will definitely need a warranty if you take your electric skateboard out a lot, wears and tears are inevitable, and this has nothing to do with how good the skateboard is. There are types of guarantee, so it is important to do your due diligence before making your choice. Surf the net, check out the company’s website, go through reviews, see how good their customer service is, read the fine print, understand what makes your warranty void. Does the company allow you to have a warranty if you have attempted to fix the electric skateboard, is just one of the things you should be looking up before making a purchase.

4.Make sure the brakes work before making any purchases.


When it comes to skateboarding, like any mobility sports, you have to take precautions, gear up with protective gear before takeoff and, more importantly, check the breaks. Take it for a little test run before paying for it. Accelerate your speed a bit and stop abruptly to find out if the brakes work perfectly. If you cannot get your hands on the skateboard before purchase, check what the experts are saying. Go through reviews on Youtube. See how it checks out. One added tip, these breaks are not infallible, and they can fail, so it’s best to go at a speed where you can easily slow down if the breaks stop working. If you’ve got some money to spare, one of the things you should be looking out for is skateboards with regenerative braking technology. This allows you to use your breaks while rerouting energy back into your motors for extended battery life.

5.Can you get constant support for your electric skateboards?

It is true skateboard parts will wear and tear eventually. When choosing an electric skateboard, the question of if you have a hardware store nearby or an online shop you can get your parts from will come up. When shopping for skateboards, always choose one with easily replaceable mechanical and electronic parts. If you plan to fix your skateboards yourself, make sure your warranty covers that.


6.Can your board support your weight?

One of the pleasures of skateboarding is to climb slopes and skate downwards. You need higher speed and torque for going up and down a hill, but your weight also determines how much torque and speed you need. When choosing a skateboard, you need to check the loading weight and the incline. An electric skateboard with 20% incline is great for veteran skateboarders who are looking for steep hills to skate on.  Beginners could go for skateboards with 10% incline; these are normal hills.

enSkate boards have an array of electric skateboards for everyone. It does not matter if you are just starting out and looking to get into the skating groove or if you are a veteran looking to get massive speed, we have electric skateboards to fit your every need. We have perfected the act of quick charging, with the World Series having an average of 2.5H charge time from empty to full. If you need to travel long distances with your skateboard, then we have your back. Our products are fitted with the latest battery technology and capacity to ensure you do not run out of juice while skating. 


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