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How to Maintain Your Electric Skateboard?

Lately, users of the Woboard Series have been asking about the maintenance of their boards. Although enSkate products are in high quality, and each of them comes with a user manual that contains all the necessary information there are some tips we can give you in order to increase the lifespan of your board.


It is advisable to use a damp cloth (make sure water not go into any of the electric parts of the board). After wiping out the dirt from the griptape, use a dry cloth to the tape remaining wet for a while. You can buy a specific rubber to remove dirt from upper side of board. Or you can buy new griptape from our website and have it shipped to your front door in case it needs to be replaced. 

Griptape cleaner, the gift of enSkate R3 Mini

Now, our newest enSkate R3 mini has griptape cleaner as the gift, you can keep your board clean easily.



To have a long lasting battery, make sure you keep its battery clean and dry, just as the user´s manual indicates. Do not ride or store your board below freezing temperature and fully charge it after you receive the board. Use only enSkate charger and make sure you fully charge the battery at least once a month even if you are not using the board regularly.


It is important to regularly check and maintain your bearings. There are different kinds of maintenance oils available in the market. It is also important to adjust bolts and nuts every now and then to make sure you ride on the safe side and the board is set properly. 

Hub Motor and Operating Limits:

Apart from keeping it clean and avoid freezing temperatures and water, it is very important that you are familiar with the limits of electric skateboard to maximize your safety and reduce the risk of damaging your electric skateboard. Exceeding the weight limit, especially in situations requiring more power will not only reduce the speed range of your electric skateboard, but also increase the risk of damaging your skateboard. Each board comes with its users manual and it is vital that every rider reads it before powering on their electric skateboards.

enjoy skating, daily cleaning of skateboard make your enSkate boards last and endurance

Daily Cleaning:

All of the Woboard series require at least a quick cleaning after their use. Wiping the dirt off the parts will prevent electronic parts to suffer damage and erosion. The Woboard skates are made to last and, with a little help, they can last forever. You just need a small cloth and two minutes of your time.


By: Florencia

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