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How To Use Electric Skateboard To Commute?

Electric skateboards are becoming the next best thing for commuters. They are portable, are fast, and do not work up as much sweat as traditional skateboards. Additionally, they are cheaper than other forms of transportation. Eclectic skateboards run with motors. The technology for these tiny motors is so amazing that you can cover large distances at massive speeds; think a cheater type of speed.  These tiny vehicles are great, but there is some risk involved, but then what is life without a little risk?

Its impressive speed notwithstanding, but how do you know you are ready to commute?

  1. Determine the distance you need to go.

Finding out how far your destination is from your home. This will help you make decisions on what type of skater you will need to use. If your route is short, but it is crowded, what you need is a mini-cruiser. These boards are portable and not so heavy. Skating through a crowded area means you might need to stop and pick your board at certain periods; a mini-cruiser is just the board for this. This board is so portable; you can put this in your backpack; a mini-cruiser makes for easy movement.   

Longboards, on the other hand, are great for long-distance commutes and will ensure you get from source to destination comfortably. Longboards are bulky, but that is not a problem for long-distance journeys with little to no crowds, as you do not have to keep picking it up. Additionally, longboards are a great choice for people starting out their skating journey because they are very stable.

  1. Determine the cost and environmental implicationof using an electric skateboard.

If you are looking to save more money while saving the environment, an electric skateboard is just the right fit for you. Cars just cost so much to take care of, from having to buy gas to changing parts and maintenance, this could turn out to be a drag very quickly. Cars are not assets, so they will depreciate. Add that to the amount of carbon dioxide from incomplete combustion that is being released into the environment at every turn; you figure going with an electric skateboard is definitely a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to commute.

Once you have gone through these points and figured out commuting with a skateboard is the right choice, how do you do it?

  • Learn how to ride an electric skateboard.

This is very different from riding a regular skateboard because you do not have to push to start. The electric skateboard is fitted with motors and comes with a remote control button that you can press to move. The only things you need to do are turn and carve. You can control the board with your remote; you can stop the board with your remote. There is no need to brake with your foot. It is necessary to practice before you can be out with your electric skateboard — practice braking on a street that is not busy. If your route is going to have many cement paths, find a local park with that aesthetic and practice. Longboards are great for learning, and you might be pleased to find out you can also use them on inclined surfaces.

  • Choose your stance.

This should come before riding. You should pick a stance that works best for you. You can use the regular stance; here, your left foot comes first, your toes are somewhat facing the front of the board. There is also the goofy stance where your left foot goes to the back, at the tail end of the board.

  • Compromise

If your route is too busy and too far, you can take some form of public transport halfway and complete the journey with your board. Ensure you follow bike lanes if you live in a city that is bustling. You will discover that this method will cut your commute time in half, plus unlike the traditional skateboard, you get more efficient braking.

Safety Tips To Watch Out For When Commuting

  1. Skating can be a burden to the ankles, so make sure you wear the right safety gear. It is important to watch where you are going because rock and debris might cause you to fall. You can move super fast without having to worry with an electric scooter, but with a skateboard, you have to watch out, or you might get injured.
  2. Keep an eye out for people, animals, rocks, other vehicles. Do not move at speeds that make you uncomfortable.
  3. Be careful when picking up your board because it might be abrasive; this can lead to your outfit being ripped. Nobody wants to go to work with a hole in his or her shirt.
  4. Lastly, always wear protective gear. Go the whole nine yards; helmets, gloves, knee and elbow pads.

You should always go with the best when commuting with an electric skateboard, and skate with the onboard electric skateboard series provides just that.


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