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Tips For Carrying Electric Skateboard To Travel

Transportation is one of those things that keep us awake a day before we hit the airport. You have to consider the logistics of things, your transportation to and from the airport is sorted, but how do you navigate inside the town. You might decide to use an Uber, but this can be expensive, especially if you plan to stay awhile. You can get an electric skateboard to help you ease your transportation woes, but you are going to consider:

  1. Contacting Your Airline About Battery Restrictions.

Every airline has their rules regarding luggage, and it is important you find out which restrictions the airline you plan on using has, before booking a ticket. Some airlines are more relaxed about domestic flights than international flights, but it is always a good idea to find out what limitations the airline placed before traveling. Airlines like spirit airlines do not accept electric skateboards because what they call “Hazardous Materials." They allow check-in for traditional skateboards, but you have to sign a liability release form.

There are airlines that allow passengers to carry electric skateboards with less than 160 Wh. This means if your skateboard has a battery capacity of between 100 Wh and 160 Wh, you are allowed to carry it with you while flying. However, the airline still reserves the right to say no. You might have to call them to get permission before you fly. For skateboard with Lithium-ion batteries, passengers are required to have an Underwriters’ Laboratories (UL) certification. The battery design has to reach a certain test standard referred to as “UN38.3”. The good news is that many batteries in the market have this certification.

  1. Decide If You Will Check It In, Or Carry It On?

Some airlines require you to check in the electric skateboard, but some will allow you to carry it on. Jetblue airlines, for instance, allow electric skateboard as checked-in or carry-on baggage, but they do not accept liability for any damage or loss. However, it is best to carry your skateboards with you. If you go on international flights, there might be connecting flights, and on some of these flights, the airlines might not allow skateboards as checked-in luggage, it is best to carry it on.

  1. Where To Place It?

This is often a conundrum, to place it under the airplane seats, or to put it in the overhead bin. However, you will come to find that placing your skateboards under the airplane seat might not be possible, as these boards might be too long, sometimes there might be enough space. However, even if the bins are closed, you might still be able to get some space for your board. Additionally, some airlines require your skateboards to be in a bag before placing it under the seats. If you are to place it in the overhead bin, you could strap your board to your luggage and place it in the overhead bin. You could also get the tools to deconstruct your board before getting it on the plane; this allows you the opportunity to place the board on the bin with ease. One tip is to deconstruct so your shred stick is compact enough to be stowed

  1. Travel With A Mini Board

Deconstructing your board can be a chore. In addition, having to put it back together again is not something you might look forward to. Everyone would rather be getting rested from Jetlag. Instead of undertaking this heavy challenge, you can get a mini skateboard or cruiser. Mini cruisers are usually smaller, compact, and easier to carry in a backpack. These skateboards are great for more experienced users; you can show off all your tricks in your new city. You can also get an electric penny board with a dual motor for your trip.


Penny boards might be disadvantageous for heavy riders because it is small, making it important for the rider’s feet to be together before movement, but its size is also an advantage for travelers. Smaller riders will have no problem with this board. If speed is your thing, you will want the dual-motor; not only is it heavier, it has more torque, acceleration, and can climb hills easily. It also has more traction and is more powerful than a single motor, although its range is less. It is best to use the penny board if you spend a lot of time going through airports. This board is easier to carry and use in shorter distances and crowded areas. People who love the thrill of speed will love this board.


Mini skateboards are definitely the way to go for travelers, and the skate Woboard AI (Woboard mini AI + dual motor) is a great choice for people looking to go on an adventure in their new locale. This board has a customized heating panel, customized head, and tail light, Humanized bridge frame, Comfortable riding sense, and is small and light.

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