Halloween Promotion

electric skateboard promotion

The annual Halloween is drawing near again. Do you prepare well your costumes?

If you are still troubled by which role to play and how to stand out from the crowd, just sit down and think about. If you and put on your cloak and ride an electric skateboard through all kinds of zombies, you may be the coolest ghost and no one can chase up you.

Halloween Gift for E-skateboarders

To give you more inspiration of celebrating Halloween, enSkate prepare GIFTS for you guys.

Gift ONE: Electric Skateboard * 2

Gift TWO: Protective Gears * 2

    How to get the free gifts?

    1.Voted your favorite griptape, which are designed to celebrate the 2019 Halloween for our new small e-skateboard, take part in @enskate_official (Instagram)

                  Ghost                                                  Demon

    electric-skateboard-shop-online-enskate                  electric-skateboard-buy-online-enskate
    2. Follow the activity guide in @enskate_official POST, like, tag, and comment and so on. Now go to our instagram media to check the detail and win a chance of geting free motorized skateboard.

    Period of Win Free Electric Skateboard Activity

    From 25th Oct. to 3th. Nov.

    During the activity, we also offer a huge sale on Amazon and website

    Coupon Code
    Save $50 To Order Wobaord Lite: YUKIWBLT
    Save $100 To Order Wobaord S: YUKIWOBS
    Save $100 To Order Wobaord: YUKIWOBO
    Save $80 To Order Wobaord MINI: YUKIWBMN
    Halloween deals from 25th Oct. to 3th. Dec.


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