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Battery for R3/R3 MINI/R2/Woboard mini

Battery for R3/R3 MINI/R2/Woboard mini

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Battery: 10S1P Samsung Lithum Ion Battery,2.5Ah  for R3MINI

Battery:  GA-2P10S-36V7.0A   for R3

Battery: 10S2P 5C4A  36V  for R2

Battery: 2.2ah  for Woboard mini


Charging Time: 2 H~3.5H

Voltage: 36V, 42V

Features: Upgraded BMS of battery to protect the battery from over-charge and discharge, longer the life spam of your e-board.

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  • Protable and compact, it is more suitable for Asian orEuropean consumers who are lighter.

  • High cost performance, suitable for beginner playersand nowices to try.

  • Short-distance commuting or play, easy to carry.