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Remote control for R2 and WOBOARD series

Remote control for R2 and WOBOARD series

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[Adaptation]: Compatible with Enskate electric skateboard R2 and woboard series skateboards.

[Control]: 3/ 4 speed control allows forward, braking, and reverse movement. The LCD display show information such as battery power, speed, and distance.

[Vibration]: Built-in vibration motor, vibration reminder during operation.

[Design]: Curved appearance design, comfortable touch, convenient operation.

[Timeliness]: It is estimated that shipping from the factory, cross-border transportation, and delivery will take 10 to 20 days.

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  • Protable and compact, it is more suitable for Asian orEuropean consumers who are lighter.

  • High cost performance, suitable for beginner playersand nowices to try.

  • Short-distance commuting or play, easy to carry.