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Skateboard tool-T shape and L shape Wrench

Skateboard tool-T shape and L shape Wrench

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Skateboard tool-T shape and L shape Wrench

Length: Approx.11cm x 10cm(L*W)
Color: Orange
Carton Size:36*19*21cm
Gross / net weight: 13/12.5kg
1 * Skateboard T-shape Tool

EnSkate Orange color metal color tools for skateboard steel Hex wrench
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EnSkate wheel bearing t tool skateboard wrench
EnSkate skateboard tools T wrench and L wrench
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EnSkate Solid Skateboard Tool Metal Skate T-tool All In One ATB Multifunction Repairing Wrench
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Skateboard Tool Scooter Longboard T Shape Multifunctional Wrench Nuts Adjusting Tool Skate T-shape Adjustment Equipment。
A high quality skate tool that comes in handy when setting up a board or making adjustments.
A great light weight tool.
Phillips head screwdriver & Allen Key tool for the truck fixing
bolts which fits inside the t-tool handle when not required.
For Skateboards it will fit axle nuts, kingpins and truck fixing bolts.
Perfect for virtually any skateboard.
Allen Key and Phillips head.
All-in-One Skate Tools Multi-Function Portable Skateboard T Tool Accessory with T-Type Allen Key and L-Type Phillips Head Wrench Screwdriver

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  • Protable and compact, it is more suitable for Asian orEuropean consumers who are lighter.

  • High cost performance, suitable for beginner playersand nowices to try.

  • Short-distance commuting or play, easy to carry.